Selpal has a wide range of different products that bring value to Customers, Store Traders, Street Sellers and Suppliers.

Selpal products

Selpal offers a range of products including:

  • Virtual products such as airtime, data, electricity, gaming, insurance, DStv and more

  • The Market¬†where we offer value on the physical products listed on Selpal. This includes everyday groceries, daily use items, treats and more…

  • eWallets where Store Traders, Street Sellers and Customers can safely and profitably store cash and transact

  • Supply Chain products facilitates purchases and payments between Selpal Suppliers and Selpal Store Traders

Selpal gives Store Traders and Street Sellers a virtual shop with more products and more value.

Virtual products

Customers can buy:

  • Airtime
  • Data
  • Electricity
  • LottoStar
  • DStv
  • Insurance
  • Money Transfer


Customers earn Dollas for every purchase with any Selpal Store Trader and Street Seller.

The Market

Selpal adds value to Store Traders by listing frequently stocked items on the Market. When Selpal is used for the sale of these items, Store Traders receive commission and customers receive Dollas.
Earn Dollas on all of your favourite brands and MUCH, MUCH MORE…

eWallet and Transfers

Both the Vault and the Dolla Wallet are eWallets – each having their own benefits.
Using your Dollas Wallet you can transact in Dollas real time

  • Purchase any product on Selpal at a Selpal Store Trader, Selpal Street Seller or self service on the Selpal App
  • Transfer Dollas to another Selpal customer
  • Receive Dollas from another Selpal customer
Store Traders, Street Sellers and Customers get the benefit of a Vault Wallet

  • Store your money safely and securely
  • Buy products using Selpal Vault and earn Dollas
  • Transfer Vault amounts between anyone who has a Vault Wallet
Both Vault and Dolla Wallets are FREE!
Dealing with cash is expensive and risky. Paypipe does away with the need for cash. Paypipe enables Selpal Store Traders and Selpal Suppliers to pay for stock ordered.
Payment can be made either:

  • Immediately upon placing the order
  • Or upon delivery

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