Value and cashless convenience for trading in the township market

Value and cashless convenience

Brand Owners

Tap into township markets and understand customer purchases


Access the township economy and gain market insights


Receive orders and payments through cashless, risk-free transactions

Township Wholesalers

Make quick, easy money

Township Retailers

Run your business without cash


Bringing banking to your neighbourhood

What is Selpal?

Selpal is a virtual distribution platform, designed to offer the township market an alternative to trading with cash. Providing basic business structures and opportunities for growth and improved profits.

We are committed to bringing value to township economies. Our platform facilitates efficient trading, innovative technology and improved financial benefits.


Selpal integrates the entire supply chain

Enabling safe and convenient ordering, payments, deliveries, sales, and cashless services in the townships.

  • Brand Owners
    Brand Owners
    Selpal provides Brand Owners a route to market into the townships, managing the risk and cost of cash and providing data across the entire supply chain.
    Find out how we can help you grow your brand in townships.
  • Distributors
    Selpal enables Distributors to publish stock catalogues, specials and discounts directly to their customers - increasing sales and allowing for data collection.
    Find out how we can help you expand your distribution into townships.
  • Wholesalers
    Selpal allows Wholesalers to receive orders and payments through cashless, risk-free transactions.
    Find out how we can help you increase sales and safely make cashless deliveries.
  • Township Wholesalers
    Township Wholesalers
    Selpal benefits Township Wholesalers by creating supply chain efficiency, increasing sales and improving profit margins.
    Find out how we can help you sell more products to Township Store Traders.
  • Township Retailers
    Township Retailers
    Selpal allows Township Retailers to order and pay for products without cash using our free SmartPOS device.
    Find out how we can help you grow your business and sell more products in the townships.
  • Customers
    Selpal facilitates card payments and cashbacks.
    Find out how we can help you shop safely and easily.

Experience cashless trading

We offer safe and credible alternatives to dealing with cash through our SmartPOS device which is preinstalled with our Selpal app. Experience cashless trading and a full suite of device-based ordering, bill payments and financial service products.

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